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Welcome, I am the senior webmaster and among the nine people that work here at RouterGod Online Magazine, I'm the one who is the memory enthusiast.  If you will please bear with me I'd like to explain how I became so excited about memory systems and how an excellent memory is very useful when pursuing Cisco certification.

Over the years I have earned my A+, MCNE and MCSE certifications.  Each one was more difficult than the one before it.  When I started chasing the Cisco certification, I realized that it wasn't going to be easy.  After earning the CCNA and starting ACRC studies, I discovered something that you may have noticed as well, there is a huge amount of material to study and all of it is quite complicated.

When I decided I wanted to become a Cisco engineer, I knew it would take hard work and I knew it would be worth the effort.  Information Technology is the cutting edge industry and Internetworking is on the cutting edge within the IT industry and Cisco is the undisputed leader.  As nice as it would be to be a lawyer or a physician, those career fields are boring compared to the stimulation that a Cisco career would offer.  No doubt you feel the same way.

So I bought all the expensive Cisco books and studied very hard but it seemed the more I studied the farther behind I fell.  I believe this is because as you learn a given subject, you discover 4 or 5 new subjects that you must learn and the workload increases exponentially.  I also learned that when you read a book, you had better absorb it totally because there is just not enough time to go back and study it again.

Like most people I was casually familiar with the basics of mnemonics and memorization.  I knew that if I didn't improve my memory right away, I would be doomed to a life as a low level network administrator, doing tape backups and maintaining file servers.  So before studying any more Cisco books, I bought Mega Memory by Kevin Trudeau and studied the techniques described in the book.  In 2 weeks my memory improved so drastically that in the following 45 days I passed 3 difficult Cisco tests and earned my CCDP!  Now I am studying for the CCIE/Design test and feel confident that I will pass.

My favorite TV show is Jeopardy!  The contestants on Jeopardy! must answer a plethora of extremely difficult questions.  I was watching this show one night and I had an epiphany,  I realized that these contestants were not the geniuses I thought they were, in fact, I realized that many of them were pretty stupid.  See for yourself, about 7 minutes into the show, Alex Trebeck will actually allow these mutants to recall the most interesting experience they've ever had.   One contestant will tell of the time he saw a cat climb a tree while another contestant will tell a fascinating story about how once he received a piece of mail intended for his neighbor.  Watching grass grow is more interesting!  What the contestants do possess are incredible memories.  

To win at Jeopardy! you do not even need average intelligence, all you need is a good memory.  The contestants are responsible for a huge amount of knowledge but the actual work they have to do is to click a little button when they have an answer.

The field of Cisco engineering is a lot like the game show Jeopardy!  You must have a huge amount of knowledge but the actual application of that knowledge only takes a few seconds.  Take EIGRP for example, EIGRP is a very elegant, very complicated routing protocol and you would have to spend many, many hours studying it to understand it.  But it can be configured on a Cisco router in under 20 seconds.  My point is, the field of Cisco internetworking is 99% retention of concepts and commands and 1% actual work.

Having a Mega Memory is not about learning cute tricks to store information in your short term memory in order to pass a test, only to forget the next day.  If you plan on excelling at Cisco, you need a trained memory.  As human beings we possess many attributes like how strong we are or how good our memory is.  These attributes can be enhanced.  You can lift weights and make your muscles stronger.  You can practice memory techniques and develop your memory in much the same way. 

Can you name the 5 Great lakes in America?  Most people were taught as children the acronym H.O.M.E.S. for Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie and Superior.  Next time someone says memory systems don't work, ask them to name the Great Lakes.  You have just demonstrated that you have a Mega Memory, it just needs training!  Temporary and short term?  If I ask you about the Great lakes 20 years from now, I'll bet you can still name them.

Memory is one thing and intelligence is another.  Memory is being able to recall information.  Intelligence is being able to see relationships between things that most people cannot.  High intelligence is not very useful if your mind does not contain many things from which it can discover relationships.  The techniques in this book train your memory by associating things that are not normally related.  This causes your mind to begin to look for relationships between things subconsciously.  I believe this improves your intelligence.  

This page is a gateway to the memory portion of this website.  In the following pages I will have many tips and techniques for memorizing things specifically related to Cisco and Internetworking.  However, please keep in mind that it will always be in a state of construction.  If you have not read Mega Memory none of the following pages will make sense.  Of all the books we sell on this website, Mega Memory is by far the least expensive and earns us the smallest sales commission.  On the other hand, it is probably much more useful than the other books we sell.  For the price of a cheese pizza, you can buy Mega Memory and change your life.  I feel that strongly about it. ---Richard Haskins


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